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Side Barcode Marker Playing Cards

What is side barcode marking technology? In a nutshell it is the printing of invisible barcodes on the sides of playing cards that can be recognized by video poker cheating devices. These video poker cheating devices are as amazing as if they were taken straight out of a James Bond movie.

As the best manufacturer of side barcode marked cards, I can share with you in detail the principles and application scenarios of this technology.

The Principle:

First of all this technology is inspired by the code recognition, just like you can recognize the goods by scanning the code with your cell phone. We use a special ink to print the bar code on the side of the playing card, this ink can not be seen with the naked eye or wearing special sunglasses or contact lenses (of course there will be some technically unsophisticated businessmen processing out the mark can be found), the stability of this ink itself is not good, it’s hard to control without a lot of experience and technology, including some exclusive technology for reinforcement.

These barcodes require great precision to be accurately recognized by specific scanning devices, and all playing cards have their specific barcodes, just like Morse code.After the barcodes are recognized, the scanning camera will send the information of these barcodes to the poker analyzer or computer analysis software, and after this information is analyzed, the reporting device will output the results in the way you have set, for example, to tell you which player’s hand is the biggest or the order of sizes in Texas Hold’em poker games.

How To Use The Side Bacode Marker Playing Cards

Barcode marked playing cards are often used in poker analyzers or poker cheating computers connected to a variety of devices, of course, you can also use only poker analyzer, you can use accessories such as wireless earpiece, wireless vibrator to tell you the results of the analysis.

Commonly used is to connect a camouflage scanning camera, for example, if you participate in a gambling game suitable for carrying a scanning lens, then you can hide the scanning lens in a watch, wallet, rechargeable treasure, lighters, cups, clothes, hats, and so on any ordinary items. As long as you position the lens to roughly align the barcode (that is, mark the side of the playing card), you can get the ending you want. You even just need to hold the deck in your hand, and certain cameras can do the scanning instantly to give you the most accurate results.

There are some players or magicians who have fixed places where they can’t use any other items in close proximity, then it can also be paired with an ultra-long range camera. The state-of-the-art camera can be rotated and focused at all angles to clearly recognize barcodes.

In baccarat, eight decks of side barcode-marked playing cards are placed in a transparent dealing shoe, and the order of all the cards or the result of each game is obtained by scanning the side barcodes of the marked cards through a hidden camera.

If you are with your partner, your partner is in charge of placing the bets at the table, and you can use a hidden camera next to you to scan the barcodes that mark the side edges of the playing cards, and then tell your partner the results via a wireless oscillator, so your partner knows how to place the bets in order to win. These contact devices could be vibrators hidden in shoes or wireless earpiece.


Of course the side barcode marking playing cards are also applicable to casino owners, which can control the risk, and all kinds of equipment on the gambling table can be used for modification. For example, the poker chip tray on the gambling table, in different locations to modify the lens in different ways, can be applied to different games, such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, black jack, baccarat. There are also places you wouldn’t expect, such as columns for display screens, armrests for gambling tables, and so on. Every day casinos need to consume a lot of playing cards and we have the best prices on the net and can also customize the whole equipment system for you! If you are a casino owner you can contact us!

With a wide variety of gambling games, if you don’t know how to choose, we can provide you with the most suitable solution. Not only that, we have our own R&D studio, including camera modification and exterior design and software development. If anyone has a better way to tell us, just need you give an idea, we can help you realize it. If there is a poker game that we haven’t touched, we can also develop software that fits the new rule of the game.

Of course, all poker cheating devices are aids, and while their functionality is advanced and reliable, you need to spend some time practicing for better concealment and better effect, so that you can move more naturally and not be caught by other players because you’re excited or nervous.

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