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Casual Shoes Poker Scanning Camera for Poker Analyzer

Product Details:

Playing card games are popular gambling games all over the world! The rules and gameplay of poker games vary in each region,so gamblers around the world use different cheating methods based on different game rules and gameplay.And we must also design poker cheating devices based on actual situations to meet the needs of customers in different regions! For example, in North America, we are used to smoking cigars and playing poker at the gambling table, and some gamblers may have another glass of whiskey. In Southeast Asia, India, and the Arab region, many people like to lay a carpet on the ground and gather together to sit on the carpet and play poker.So we have designed a casual shoes poker scanning camera for this purpose, which is designed for customers who enjoy playing poker on the ground.

The casual shoes poker scanning camera is equipped with a short distance poker seanning camera inside the casual shoes, which hides batteries,chips, signal transmitters, etc.inside the sole of the shoes. When gambling, simply scan and recognize the playing cards by placing the camcra face on a pile of playing cards! So that users can know the result of the game or the order of playing cards!

Advantages of Casual Shoes Playing Card Scanning Camera: 

1.Casual shoes are everyday shoes, so scanning the camera’s appearance won’t attract attention. And the design of casual shoes is complex, which can better hide the scanning lens! Good security!

2. Casual shoes have thicker soles and can accommodate larger batteries. The standard version of casual shoes poker scanning camera can be used continuously for more than two hours!

3.The casual shoes poker scanning camera adopts a digital lens, which has a faster scanning speed and higher accuracy!

4.Customizable, adjust the angle and installation position of the scanning lens according to your sitting habits, such as the tongue or sole of the shoe, the side of the shoe, etc. You can also customize lenses with different scanning distances according to local game rules!

GW Company welcomes your inquiries and orders! We can answer any questions you have about cheating in poker, and we can also select or customize the most suitable cheating methods and devices for you! We have the highest quality products and the best prices, as well as the most professional technical support and after-sales service!Contact us WhatsApp:+8613710010068

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