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Smartwatch Poker Cheat Scanning Camera for Poker Analyzer

Product Details:

iPhone series products are now popular all over the world, besides iPhone cell phone, iPhone watch is also one of the most popular fashion items! A lot of young people no longer like the old-fashioned mechanical watches, they flaunt youth, vitality, creativity and technology, so they choose the iPhone smartwatch! We thought it would be a good idea to turn the smartwatch into a poker scanning camera. We then developed the smartwatch poker scanning camera with the scanning lens positioned at the knob, which is completely hidden. Yes, you won’t think it’s a scanner at all, and when you point your wrist at the poker pile, it does the scanning quickly.

How does the smartwatch poker scanning camera work?

First of all, you need to prepare a deck of side barcode invisibly marked playing cards, because these playing cards have barcodes printed on their sides that are invisible to the naked eye, and each card has a special code that represents its identity. Secondly you will also need a poker analyzer, any model will do, just need it to support the connection of wireless camera. There are also wireless earpiece, the mini earpiece that can be hidden in the ear canal. At the beginning of the game or before betting, point the knob of the smartwatch to the pile of cards that have been shuffled, the smartwatch poker scanning camera can immediately complete the scanning and transmit the barcode information to the poker analyzer, which can very quickly tell you the results of the game or the order of the cards through the wireless earpiece! In fact, you only need to use it a few times at critical times to become the final winner, and everyone will only think that you are in luck!

Advantages of smartwatch poker scanning cameras:

  • Compact in size and beautiful in appearance, it is easy to carry and easy to use! Even a novice can quickly master its use.
  • The concealment is very good, the smart watch poker scanning camera is well made, and you can’t find anything wrong from any angle, so you won’t be noticed at all!
  • Powerful, very fast scanning speed, scanning range around can reach 15cm, just need to roughly point to the target!
  • It can be adapted to all the poker analyzers on the market, and does not require a specific brand!
  • A variety of colors are available, and it can also be customized to your specific style, such as iPhone watch or Huawei. and the scanning distance can also be adjusted within a short distance.

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