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Keychain Poker Scanning Camera for Poker Analyzer

Product Details:

A keychain poker scanning camera is a scanning device used for poker gambling cheats and can be used to scan playing cards with invisible markings while gambling. It looks like an ordinary keychain that you can hang your keys on. Casually place the keychain poker scanning camera and your keys on the table while gambling then the cheating is complete!

In many cases, players do not allow anyone to put their cell phones on the table, so when you have a poker analyzer, you will also need some additional poker scanning cameras to do the job of scanning. A keychain poker scanning camera can be of great help in this case, you just need to keep the poker analyzer in your own pocket or bag. The keychain poker scanning camera will send the scanned information to the poker analyzer, and the analyzer will be able to tell you the results of the analysis right away.

Keychain poker scanning camera features:

  • The advantage of the keychain is that it is small and portable, you can carry it around with you for any gambling occasions, such as casinos, private poker rooms and friends’ parties.
  • Simple to use, the Keychain Poker Scan Camera is a short distance poker camera, but it is very responsive, you just need to make sure that the poker pile is within the camera’s scanning range. For example, you can choose to sit next to the dealer, and then place the keychain on the table, pointing the side of the keychain towards the poker pile. A simple operation is all it takes to complete the scan!
  • There are multiple replaceable batteries! Generally, gambling games last for an hour or two, and for longer periods of time even an afternoon or most of the night. So if you are still using a rechargeable poker scanning camera it can be difficult. Our keychain poker scanning camera has a quick battery change, just replace the batteries when you go to the restroom and continue your poker game!

There are a lot of many poker scanning cameras like keychains, such as water cups, lighters, car keys, electronic cigarettes and other small objects we carry around in our daily life. If you are looking for a suitable poker scanning camera, contact us on WhatsApp: +8613710010068. the opportunity is fleeting, the wealth is in front of you, just do it!

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