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Buddha Bead Bracelet Poker Scanning Camera for Marked cards

Product Details:

Buddha Beads Bracelet Poker Scanning Camera is a short distance scanning camera for barcode marked playing cards, which can play a great role in poker games and help you cheat easily. Know the outcome of the game before the other players. Win easily!

The main material of the Buddha Bead Bracelet is faux obsidian, and it consists of a Buddha Bead and a Buddha Tag, with a soft string holding them together. A very small poker scanning camera is hidden in one of the beads and the battery is hidden in the Buddha cards. When you are wearing the bracelet on your wrist, it is very difficult to see the camera.

The Buddha beads bracelet poker scanning camera is incredibly user-friendly. It can be operated by the dealer or any other player with ease. The camera has a scanning distance of 10-15cm, and by adjusting the angle of the camera, it can easily scan the poker cards held in the hand, even from the lower part of the wrist. After shuffling and cutting, the bracelet camera can quickly capture the image, scan the barcode on the side of the cards, and send all the information to the analyzer through the wireless signal. Because of the small size of the bracelet and wearing it on your hand, it is difficult to arouse other people’s suspicion as your wrist keeps shaking!

Buddha Bead Bracelet Poker Camera has numerous advantages:

  • Easy to use, the camera scans automatically, requiring very little practice and a slight adjustment to grip the cards.
  • Concealed, the camera inside the Buddha bead is so well hidden that you can barely see the trace.
  • Although the Buddha Bead Camera has a small battery, we have fitted it with a mercury switch which automatically switches the camera off when you turn it face up and switches it on when you turn it palm down. You can greatly extend battery life by adjusting the camera’s on/off switch. A single battery can last up to 3-4 hours, which will save you the embarrassment of having to change batteries frequently!
  • It is compatible with all analysers on the market. It scans cards with barcode markings and then transmits the collected data to your poker analyser, be it the PK King, CVK or AKK series. And the signal transmission distance is absolutely sufficient!

Buddha Bead Bracelet Poker Scanning Camera is more suitable for single player use, and if you are the dealer, even better! Our company manufactures and sells a wide variety of poker scanning cameras, and we also have a large marked cards processing factory! If  you would like to get more information or if you want to buy the right cheating or magic props, please contact us on whatsapp: +8613710010068.


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