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Baseball Cap Poker Scanning Camera for Poker Analyzer

Product Details:

Short distance portable poker scanning camera is an excellent cheating device often used for poker cheating! These poker scanning cameras are easy to carry around, have fast reactions, and high recognition accuracy! The appearance of these poker scanning cameras is a daily item that people wear or carry around, and this baseball cap poker scanning camera is the appearance of a regular baseball cap.

Baseball caps are also a favorite lucky item among gamblers, similar to sunglasses.A baseball cap can block one’s own eyes, making it difficult for others to observe his gaze and subtle expressions, preventing others from guessing his inner activities!

The baseball cap poker scanning camera is equipped with an infrared scanning lens in front of the baseball cap, which can recognize the side barcode marked cards. The camera is hidden very well, and its existence is almost impossible to find! When used in conjunetion with a poker analyzer, after scanning, the baseball cap poker scanning camera sends a signal to the poker analyzer, and the analyzer immediately informs the user of the analysis results through wireless earpiece. Users can directly know the result of the game!

Advantages of Baseball Cap Poker Scanning Camera: 

1.The baseball cap poker scanning camera is worn on the user’s head, and the scanning

direction of the lens is in front of the user. When turning to look at the pile of playing cards, the baseball cap poker scanning camera can immediately lock and scan! It is very convenient to use, just keep the distance between yourself and the pile of playing cards at 35-45 centimeters.

2.The scanning lens of the baseball cap poker scanning camera is hidden very well, even if you take off the cap, don’t expect to find the position of the lens! Electronic components such as batteries and signal transmitters are hidden inside the interlayer.

3. We can customize the style of the baseball cap, so you can send your favorite baseball cap for modification.At the same time, we can adjust the angle and scanning distance of the lens according to your height, sitting or standing posture, gambling table width, etc.

GW Company not only sells various standard or versions of mass-produced poker scanning cameras, but can also customize the most suitable poker scanning camera for you! GW Company is an export trading company that integrates the research and development, production, sales, and after-sales service of poker cheating equipment and marked playing cards! If you are interested in these products, please feel free to contact us!WhatsApp:+8613710010068

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