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How To Mark Cards for Poker Cheating

Do you want to keep winning in the game of poker? Do you want to win more chips in the casino? Do you want to cheat in poker games in the easiest way possible?

This is a very old method of poker cheating and is often used in scenarios such as poker magic, casino cheating, and private poker games. Although this technique is very old, it is very effective. For example, in a Texas Hold’em poker game, you only need to mark one or two sets of cards (such as Aces and Kings), which can give you an amazing advantage in the poker game. If you know all the cards on the table, then you can control the game. Mark the cards is the process of altering a playing card in a way that is only noticeable to the marker. the marker does not need to look at the face of the card to know what it is, for example, by bending the card or adding inconspicuous marks, and the most advanced technology nowadays involves the processing of printed invisible patterns. And we have the most advanced laboratory and the largest processing factory in this field, which will be introduced in detail later.

There are 5 methods about how to mark cards for poker cheating:


Block-out works by covering up small portions of the original pattern on the back of a playing card in a simple way. For example, bicycle poker cards have the cherubic design on the back of the card covered with white ink to cover some of the lines, or blue or red ink to cover some of the white design. Or fake playing cards with special pattern designs used by magicians. Although it’s a very simple method, it’s difficult to find the right ink or pigment, and it’s not stealthy enough.


As the name suggests, it is a method of scraping off part of the original pattern on the card by means of a knife, and this method is often used with plastic playing cards. This method is often used with plastic playing cards. Of course, there is also a more covert method, that is, in the back of the playing cards coated with wax, and then scraped with a razor blade patterns or lines, in a specific angle of light can be seen in the imprint. This method requires a high level of skill on the part of the user, and if you’re not careful the mark will be obvious and easily noticed.


This is a common maneuver in magic and millinery, and one of the more dangerous methods. Marking is usually done in the first few rounds of a card game, by secretly bending a corner of a playing card to create a crease, or having a warp to identify the marked card. Alternatively, a fingernail or ring is used to leave a crush mark on the corner of a playing card. Usually only the participants notice, but when the other players notice that something is wrong, the marks can be easily detected by examining the playing cards, and they are asked to replace them with new ones.


A special clear paste that can be applied to the backs of playing cards and requires a special angle to see the marks similar to wax. There is also a special powder that can be used for marking. The disadvantage of this type of marking is that it can ruin the feel and smoothness of the playing cards themselves. Experienced poker players can easily notice the problem when they touch the markings.


Nowadays the most commonly used technology is to use fluorescent ink printed on the back of playing cards, this ink is not visible with the naked eye and must be seen using specific filtered glasses or contact lenses, and even some of the more secretive ink can only be seen through a camera with specific filtered lenses. So this technology can be used not only for manual use, but also for the system of electronic equipment, automatic identification and analysis and give the results, predict the winners and losers, and guide the players.If you want to know more about marked cards click on the link加链接

Our company has been engaged in this industry for nearly twenty years, with our own laboratory and researchers, we can mix different inks according to the different materials of the playing cards, the different colors and designs of the back patterns, and the different uses of the playing cards. Make it the best concealment and use effect. At the same time, we have the most advanced printing equipment and processing line, packaging line, any playing cards after processing can be done exactly the same as the original playing cards. As the source processing plant, we have the best and most comprehensive technology and solutions and the best prices on the net.

At this stage we are exploring the market, we specialize in marked playing cards, poker cheating and magic supplies, casino equipment, etc. If anyone is interested in working with us, they can contact us. We offer wholesale opportunities for owners of magic stores, gambling parlors, etc. who wish to sell our products in their stores. Customization is also available for casino owners!

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