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How To Make The Marked Cards

Marked playing cards are widely used in magic shows and poker cheating, and a huge variety of marked playing cards have been born over the past few decades and beyond. Too many people have come up with all kinds of strange and weird ways to mark playing cards so that they can control the game and win in the end.

In our daily life we may have heard of some small tricks, similar to pinning small holes, folding corners, bending playing cards, fingernail marking and so on. These tiny marks need to be seen from a very close distance and are difficult to pull off without a lot of experience. There are also older techniques, such as applying wax, transparent pastes, or altering the patterns on the backs of playing cards with ink paints, etc. Care must be taken when making these marks, not only not to make the markings too visible, but also not to damage the playing cards themselves.

Nowadays, in a gambling game, most of the playing cards are only used once, each game in the casino to consume a pair or even several pairs of playing cards, used playing cards will be recycled and destroyed. Those old techniques don’t really work today, too time and energy consuming and too risky. Hence the emergence of the familiar invisible ink marked cards, the markings on these playing cards are invisible unless specific tools are used, such as filtered sunglasses and contact lenses, or cameras retrofitted with special devices. These tools are very covert, and more convenient, and do not require the user to have a high poker cheating skills, using it like a foolproof camera.

The key to marking playing cards: ink

The ink used for marking playing cards is the most crucial factor for good or bad marking. Perhaps in people’s imagination, this ink is a transparent liquid similar to water, so we can not see. However, this is not the case. The ink is made up of hundreds of minerals and chemicals blended in a certain proportion. We require the ink to have a good enough developing effect, and the coating must be as thin as possible, so that we get a pair of poker’s thickness is almost unchanged, and at the same time can not see the color of the ink in its natural state. People may think that we only use a kind of ink, in fact, marking a playing card we need to use two kinds of ink, one is to provide the background color of the ink, one has a fluorescent effect of the marking pattern of the potion, the two potions will form a stronger contrast, so that we want to mark the pattern of the brighter and clearer. And different playing cards use different materials, there are plastic, there are all kinds of paper. Different materials of playing cards also need different ink, whether you can make the right ink is the key to a good deck of marked cards. To make a good deck of marked cards also requires the ability to design the pattern, according to the color of the pattern on the back of the cards and the structure of the different design of the most easy to observe the mark. Typically, large letters and numbers in the center are used, as well as simple patterns representing different suits, such as Bicycle Deck and Modiano Cristallo.

Marking playing cards production: printing

In order to accurately mark the target position on the playing cards and to make the print coating as thin as possible, we have updated our printing equipment nine times in the last twenty years, importing the best Epson printers from Japan. Ordinary printers cannot be used to print the markings on playing cards, and we have made great changes in the structure of the printer so that it can print a whole deck of playing cards. We also made many modifications so that it can use our own ink, and at the same time control the amount of ink coming out of the machine so that the thickness of the coating is controlled within a few microns. To ensure the quality of the markers, we have equipped it with a variety of optical surveillance lenses to monitor the markers as they are being printed. We have paid a great deal of money for our printing equipment to produce better marked playing cards.

The final step in marking playing cards: packaging

People may have bought marked playing cards in other places and perhaps suffered because of its packaging. All marked playing cards are reprocessed using the original regular playing cards. Their original packaging needs to be removed and repackaged after processing is completed, and many small processing factories use manual labor to do the packaging, so the marked playing cards packaging you receive looks like it has a lot of imperfections. There is an old Chinese saying: “Details determine success or failure!” So we pay great attention to what others neglect! We purchased a packaging line and spent a lot of time finding and purchasing the original packaging film and labels for most brands of playing cards. This way, the marked playing cards look exactly like regular playing cards from the inside out!


Making a deck of playing cards or marking a deck of playing cards is a simple matter, just like the old methods I mentioned before, or a magician’s impromptu tricks. But to make a deck of high quality marked playing cards is a very difficult thing, which requires a whole factory system for its service, advanced technology, perfect equipment, rigorous processing procedures, strict quality control, coupled with the most sincere service and the best prices, this is what we can offer you!

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