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How to cheat at dice games

Dice first appeared 5,000 years ago, and were first used for divination, then gradually turned into an entertainment tool for people. Various styles of dice are widely used in gambling activities, the most common is Sic Bo. Where there is gambling there is never a shortage of cheaters, and where there are cheaters there is never a shortage of whimsy. Dice games are accepted by most people around the world as an easy and fast way to gamble, either playing on the street carpet or in the opulent Las Vegas casinos. So how do you cheat at the game of craps? This is a question that has been pondered for thousands of years.


Mercury Dice

This is a very old method that has even been seen in many movies. As the name suggests, mercury dice use a substance similar to mercury. The cheater will drill channels in the dice, fill them with mercury or some other substance, and then restore the appearance of the dice. When the dice are thrown, all that is needed is to strike the table with the dice, and the center of gravity of the dice will change so that when the dice stop spinning, the side the cheater wants will be facing up. Mercury dice are not necessarily filled with mercury, but may be other flowable substances that can change the center of gravity of the dice for cheating purposes.


Cutting Dice

Cutting dice is a traditional method of cheating. The six-sided dice are evenly spaced, and there is an equal probability that each face of the thrown dice will face up. This method of cheating is generally used on cubic dice (common in Las Vegas casinos), where a craftsman calculates a specific angle and then cuts or polishes a sharp ridge on the dice to that angle, but of course the missing portion may be less than half a millimeter, which makes it hard to detect. When the dice are spinning, this cut off edge will allow the dice to flip at a smaller angle and easier, and there is a greater probability that the dice will come to rest on the two surfaces adjacent to this edge as the dice become less inertial. This method does not necessarily guarantee that the dice will turn out the way you want every time, but the probability of winning is much higher.


Remote Control Dice And Dice Cups

Making remote control dice and dice cups requires some knowledge of physics, or at least an understanding of electromagnetic principles. Through calculations, a suitable permanent magnet is chosen to be hidden inside the dice, the magnetic force of this type of dice is particularly weak and basically undetectable,we call it magnetic dice. Then choose the right material to make the electromagnetic coil, the size of the coil, the number of turns and the amount of voltage to be used need to be derived through a series of complex calculations. When throwing the dice or when shaking the dice cup, press the remote control, the dice will turn or stop under the action of electromagnetic force, and the cheater can get the desired number of points.



Sensor Dice/Mental Dice

In the dice game, I believe so players want to instantly know what number has been rolled on in the dice cup. Then the following two methods can be realized.,Sensor Dice and See-through Dice Cup. Sensor dice, also called mental dice, are used in magic shows and poker cheat, the man seems to have the ability of telepathy, when the dice are stationary he can know what number has been rolled on. So this is how to realize it, in fact, in the dice of the internal installation of a sensor, just like the iPhone flip bright screen function. When the sensor in the dice is facing up, it will give a signal via radio to the receiver on the cheater, which will vibrate or release a weak current. The dice are facing different directions, then corresponding to different signals, the cheater can easily know the result in the dice cup.


See-through Dice Cup/X-ray Dice Cup

Sensor dice are amazing, but have the same drawback as other cheating dice, which is that the dice are modified. So is there a way to cheat with regular dice? The answer is the see-through dice cup! Some people call it “X-ray Dice Cup” , but it has nothing to do with X-rays. The key technology of the see-through dice cup is the hidden infrared camera, which only needs to be installed on the top of the dice cup, then you can see the image in the dice cup. Although it is easy to say, but to hide a camera in a thin dice cup is a very difficult thing, not only the camera but also the battery, signal transmitter and other parts. At the same time it is important not to let other people discover the camera’s presence, then the appearance must be restored to what it was originally intended to be. In fact, there are many people who will use both see-through dice cups and remote control dice.


There are many other ways to cheat at dice games, and here are just some of the ways that are easy to use and easy to implement. Legend has it that experts in cheating need only two hands to manipulate the dice and dice cups, of course we do know some of the techniques, but these methods are not suitable for everyone, and there are even some methods that require you to start contacting when you are still a child. There is a limit to what one person can do, but there is no limit to what technology can do.Contact us and let the power of technology help you win at gambling!

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