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Common Skill Methods in Poker Cheating

Card games are a very old entertainment and gambling activity ,and the most popular nowadays is the poker game and there are very many different rules for the game all over the world, however, regardless of the rules, there is never a shortage of cheaters in the various games. There are many different ways of cheating, and many magicians have tricks similar to poker cheating. Magic is mind-boggling, but it can’t exactly be used for cheating, and even some poker cheating techniques are higher than magic.

This article will briefly cover some of the ways to cheat, from simple methods that can be used when playing poker at home, to techniques and equipment used by casinos to control risk.

Peeking or Glimpsing

It’s an innate method, and I’m sure most people have thought about peeking at other people’s cards or communal cards while playing cards. Generally speaking, the dealer has a better chance of peeking at the face of the cards, and many dealers will use special dealing techniques such as cocking a corner when dealing, so that the dealer’s line of sight can catch a glimpse of the numbers and suits. In movies and TV shows, there are also scenes of peeking at the face of the cards through the reflection of a glass or a lighter. Of course this requires a good eyesight and speed. With the advancement of technology there are also electronic devices that take the place of people peeking, only placed on the table, the camera can capture the face of each card. Experienced gamblers will know when to cheat and when not to, and it only takes a handful of cheats to change a win or loss.


Whether it is magic or poker games, marking is a commonly used technique. By making your own marks on the playing cards, then the whole game will become easier, and you may only need to mark a few of the important cards in it to greatly increase the winning rate. If you want to know more about marking playing cards, you can click on the link加标记牌商品链接

Collaboration with partners

In many gambling games there are two or more companions playing together, usually they will eliminate the others first by a big stake, A companion outside the game can also peek at another player’s hand and tell him in a covert manner. Usually it’s a secret code agreed upon by the players, such as touching the nose for the Ace of spades, or touching the ear for the Ace of hearts. try to avoid frequent appearances in the same place, although the other players don’t know that you’re cheating, they’ll memorize your faces, and frequent movements will arouse suspicion. For this reason we have developed some covert communication tools, such as high power signal transmitters, wireless earpiece, wireless vibrators for various purposes, which are perfectly capable of transmitting any message, and these devices look more like they should be used by Agent 007.

Hide or replace cards

Some poker cheaters may sneak away a portion of the deck during the game and use it to replace their hand at the right time. This scenario is often seen in Hong Kong movies, and magicians are very good at such tricks. In Texas Hold’em, for example, if you can change your hand freely, then you are guaranteed to win. Often these poker cheats will use the palm of the hand or a colorless and odorless adhesive to hide the cards in the sleeve or palm of the hand. Of course this requires a lot of practice, enough experience and speed, plus a stable enough mind to do it. Now there is an even more convenient way to do it, that is to use a card replacement device, which can be hidden in your clothes or wallet, or even in a pile of money, and when you insert the card a little bit, the device immediately sucks the card in and replaces it with another card, and the whole process takes less than a second, so you have an extra card in your hand.

False shuffling or false cuts

In most poker games, the shuffling and cutting of the cards is done by the players. The cheaters then have the opportunity to get the hand they want by using fake shuffles and fake cuts. A common method used is the top hold, where the order of the top piles is prepared in advance, and the top piles are kept in order during the shuffle using a fake move. This way the cheater gets the hand he wants. This method can be found in those poker tricks by magicians. False dealing is usually used together with false shuffling, and a common way to do this is Second dealing, where the hand holding the cards moves the first card to reveal a small portion of the second card as it is dealt, and the other hand quickly slip the second card out. It is seemingly legitimate shuffles.

There are so many ways to cheat at poker, and a large portion of them require great skill and experience on the part of the cheater. So many of these methods are not suitable for the average player. Sophisticated cheaters are choosing to use elaborate electronic devices, combined with their knowledge of gambling, can easily win large stakes.

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