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Cheating techniques in Pai Gow

Dominoes are popular at the table as a game of confrontation, where each domino is a rectangular shape, usually divided into two squares by a straight line, with a number of dots labeled at each end. Dominoes started out with bone or ivory, but nowadays they are more often made of a bone-like material. When a domino game is played, the dominoes are covered face down so that no one can see the face of the dominoes. One of the most popular games is Pai Gow, so how do you cheat at Pai Gow? The number of dominoes is not large, only 32, and the rules are relatively simple, so being able to see through the dominoes is the best way.

invisible marker dominoes

Similar to marked playing cards, it is possible to identify a domino without turning it over by simply marking it. Unlike playing cards, a domino is a rectangular shape with some thickness, and dominoes are often solid colors, pure white or pure black. Traditional marking methods easily leave marks on dominoes that can be easily detected. If you want to mark dominoes you must use invisible markers, commonly Luminous markers, which are visible through filtered glasses and contact lenses. Unlike marking playing cards, dominoes can be marked on all five sides except the side marked with dots, so that the markings can be clearly seen from any angle.

Secret domino surveillance system

The key to cheating is concealment, the more concealed the safer! Then secret invisible ink is safer than the widely used Luminous ink, such that the ink cannot be seen by filtered glasses and contact lenses, nor can it be seen by a normal scanning camera. It can only be seen by matching cameras. A secret domino surveillance system generally includes specially marked dominoes, telephoto cameras, backstage surveillance display devices, high power wireless transmitters and receivers. Special telephoto cameras can be mounted on the ceiling or in a high location such as a smoke detector. With one or several cameras, the sign on the domino can be seen on the backstage surveillance display. Operators in the background use walkie-talkies to tell the players in the game what to do to win.

There are also a variety of hidden cameras to choose from, such as belt and button lenses, again with special modifications. Short-range lenses, however, can be placed close to the table for scanning, and often players will cheat in conjunction with their partner, who is responsible for hiding amongst the other onlookers and using the hidden lenses to photograph the dominoes on the table. The devices are connected to each other by a wireless signal, making it difficult for others to detect them.

Barcode marking dominoes and analyzers

In some casinos, the rules of the game give the player the opportunity to cheat. In Pai Gow gambling, the player and the dealer are the two sides of the game, and the dealer has his own means of cheating, and the player has his own way of striving for victory. So under some rules, how to stack the tiles is decided by the player, and there are rules under which the player decides how to deal the tiles. Then by scanning the barcodes on the stack, and after the analyzer’s calculations, the player can get which one has the biggest hand. Similarly, the dealer can also use the analyzer to find out which player has the largest hand, and then by stacking and dealing the tiles, the dealer can keep the largest hand for himself.

Controlling the Dice

When playing Pai Gow, most of the time the dice will determine the order in which you will be dealt the tiles, and with the knowledge of all the Pai Gow positions, if you want to get the tiles that you want, then you can do so by controlling the number of points on the dice. For the average person who does not have advanced cheating skills and cannot steal the cards through manipulation, then using legal methods of shuffling, stacking and dealing is useless even if you can see all the faces of the cards. With remote control dice you have the option of getting the best pairs of tiles by using a remote control to get the number of points you want.


Pai Gow first originated in China and was very popular in the Guangdong area of China. After that, Pai Gow was gradually introduced into the western gaming culture through the Macau casinos and the international casinos. And now in the world’s major casinos, including the Americas, Australia, Southeast Asia and other regions are very popular, but also because of the different cultures around the world, resulting in some differences in the rules of Pai Gow, and even different casinos in the same region will have different rules. So this article can only introduce a few cheats that are applicable to most of the Pai Gow rules. If you are a Pai Gow enthusiast and want to win at Pai Gow, or if you are a casino owner and don’t want players to win a lot of chips in your casino, then you can contact us. then you can contact us and we will recommend the right products and methods for you according to your Pai Gow rules.

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