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Cheating Dealers Shoe for Baccarat and Blackjack

Baccarat and blackjack are popular in various casinos and are games that are full of uncertainty and excitement, where the side that may have been winning may lose the bet in the next second. In baccarat and blackjack the Dealing Shoe is a must-have and one of the best tools to use for cheating. This article will cover five types of cheating Dealing Shoe and show you how they work. Most of these cheating Dealing Shoe are used for risk control in casinos.

Transparent Dealing Shoe and Baccarat Analyzers

Transparent acrylic board made of Dealing Shoe, and ordinary acrylic Dealing Shoe plastic Dealing Shoe are different, the surface of this kind of Dealing Shoe has been specially treated. In the Dealing Shoe placed 8 decks of marked playing cards, the use of telephoto lens scanning the bar code on the cards, you can get the order of the cards, through the analyzer will be able to know the results of each game. In some clubs, cheaters will use a special filtered telephoto lens to take pictures of the 8 decks of playing cards with the barcodes on the side of the playing cards, and then manually identify and analyze them through the backstage to find out the results of the next round of the game.

Manual second dealing shoe

In the game of poker, there is a technique called “second dealing”, which is also used in magic shows. The cheater keeps the first card in the game and deals the second, thus manipulating the order of the cards dealt. This method only makes sense if you know what the first card is, so it is often used in conjunction with marking poker cards. In games of baccarat and blackjack, where it is difficult to dealing second with a regular shoe, the second dealing shoe comes into play. A gap is left at the top of the shoe, and the cards are dealt by pushing the first card upwards, exposing the edge of the second card, and dealing the second card directly. Because of friction, the first card will be brought back to its original position by the second card, and the player will not be able to see the change of cards because his hand is slightly covered during the deal. The second dealing shoe used manually is usually transparent, so that it looks fairer, but the dealer can see the face of the first card being pushed up at a certain angle, or so that a small piece of mirror is added to the inside of the shoe, and the face of the card can be seen in the mirror.

Remote Control Electric Second Dealing Shoe

The motorized second dealing shoe are modified from the principle of the manual second dealing shoe with a built-in motorized device, so that the motorized second dealing shoe are opaque or have the head wrapped. The top of the shoe is equipped with a rotating shaft that allows the first card to be pushed up and down quickly. There is also a scanning lens in the shoe. By scanning the code, the analyzer will report whether the banker wins or the player wins, except for draws, where you can change the result by using the remote control. The dealer only needs to deal the cards normally, the boot will not show any abnormality, and you can’t hear the sound of any electronic device.

Remote Control Induction Dealing Shoe

Similar to the remote control second dealing shoe, with a small change to replace the barcode marker scanning lens with a night vision lens. The remote control induction dealing shoe can hide the first card at any time as well, unlike other cheating shoe, the induction dealing shoe uses regular playing cards. There is a night vision lens on the top of the shoe, and the hidden card can be seen on the backstage monitor screen. When you need to change the game with this card you can press the remote control to bring it back to the top of the pile. The advantage of this poker shoe is that it can be used without the use of marked playing cards.

Electronic Automatic Dealing Shoes for Baccarat

There are three lights at the end of the shoe, different lights represent different results, Banker’s win, Player’s win and Draw. At the same time, there is an electronic display on the side of the shoe, every card dealt will be shown on the screen, and finally the hands of the dealer and the player will be shown separately. The automatic poker shoe are very technological and luxurious, and are used in high-class clubs and casinos. The modified automatic poker boots can control the outcome of the next hand at will, simply by pressing the remote control button.


Generally speaking, casinos use various means in order to ensure their own interests, such as adjusting the multiplier, adjusting the rules of dealing and so on. Then these means can not completely reduce the risk, for this reason cheating dealing shoe as part of the casino risk control system plays a big role. Through the backstage and the dealers, you can effectively control the game of cards. We believe that our technology and equipment can help those club and casino owners. Please contact us for more information.

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