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A Brief Discussion on Poker Scanning Camera
11 February 2024
The development of poker cheating technology into the electronic age has led to many amazing inventions!...
How To Mark Cards for Poker Cheating
28 November 2023
Do you want to keep winning in the game of poker? Do you want to win more chips in the casino? Do you...
Cheating Dealers Shoe for Baccarat and Blackjack
28 November 2023
Baccarat and blackjack are popular in various casinos and are games that are full of uncertainty and...
Cheating techniques in Pai Gow
28 November 2023
Dominoes are popular at the table as a game of confrontation, where each domino is a rectangular shape,...
Common Skill Methods in Poker Cheating
28 November 2023
Card games are a very old entertainment and gambling activity ,and the most popular nowadays is the poker...
How to cheat at dice games
28 November 2023
Dice first appeared 5,000 years ago, and were first used for divination, then gradually turned into an...
How To Make The Marked Cards
28 November 2023
Marked playing cards are widely used in magic shows and poker cheating, and a huge variety of marked...
Side Barcode Marker Playing Cards
28 November 2023
What is side barcode marking technology? In a nutshell it is the printing of invisible barcodes on the...
What does winning at Texas Hold'em depend on?
28 November 2023
Texas Hold’em is very popular in casinos and clubs all over the world and also as a competitive...
poker analyzer
What Is The Poker Analyzer
28 November 2023
Poker analyzers are cheating tools that have emerged in this last decade or two, applying scanning technology...


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