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GW was established in 2003 and has been operating successfully for 20 years. We are a group of companies specialized in manufacturing, exporting and trading all kinds of Gambling Cheating Devices. You can find our products by our suppliers all over the world. For more than a decade we have been the largest manufacturing supplier in China and have been supplying Russia, India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America with first-hand goods!


GW is committed to creating a better future by changing the odds of winning and losing at the gambling tables with high tech cheating devices that offer the highest quality and most competitive prices on the market. We are passionate about innovation and we believe that ethical management is the key to success and good business. Our vision is to be a favorite brand and a leading global company. To this end, we are fully committed to creating exceptional products and services that are win-win for both us and our customers.


GW practices fair and transparent corporate management and has won the trust of major importers around the world. We look forward to cooperating with new friends from all over the world to develop together and meet new opportunities and victories.


GW manufactures more than 100 types of cheating devices. These include: Poker Analyzers, Invisible Marked Cards, UV Glasses&Contact lenses,Cheat scanning camera,Cheating dealing shoe,Dice Cheating Device,Domino cheating device,Casino-specific risk control equipment,Poker cheating accessories and more. We have our own poker analyzer and marked cards processing factory, a processing studio for all kinds of scanning cameras and other customized equipment, and a laboratory for product development.


We provide products and services that fulfill the needs and expectations of our customers. To this end, we build healthy relationships based on respect and integrity among our business partners, key suppliers, customers and employees, including suppliers in India who have been with us for more than 10 years.


GW has been in the industry for more than 20 years and we have always recognized that quality is of paramount importance and therefore we place a high value on quality control. We have quality control systems in place for all of our product processes.


Driven by an unwavering passion for excellence, we are deeply satisfied that our customers are taken care of in every way and that the products they choose to purchase exceed their expectations and needs.

In response to the rapidly evolving world around us, we have been developing innovative products based on market demand trends and the changing needs and lifestyles of each unique consumer to bring the latest and most practical equipment to address the global gaming environment and progressive technological developments.

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