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A Brief Discussion on Poker Scanning Camera

The development of poker cheating technology into the electronic age has led to many amazing inventions! Invisible barcode marking poker cards and poker analyzers are undoubtedly ground breaking products!Their emergence has made the methods of cheating in poker more diverse and covert! And today we are going to talk about the poker scanning camera, which is the most important part of the current poker cheating system. It determines the speed, accuracy, and concealment of the entire poker cheating system!

What is a poker scanning camera?

The poker scanning camera is an input device responsible for scanning and recognizing hidden barcode marked playing cards. Simply put, a poker scanning camera is the eye of a poker cheating system!

Based on functionality and appearance, we can classify poker scanning cameras into the following types:

1.Hand grabbing camera is a type of short distance poker scanning camera, which usually has the shape of a watch, bracelet, sleeve, or other items worn by the hand or wrist! The scanning distance is generally over ten centimeters, and during shuffling or cardcutting, scanning and recognition are completed with hand movements. This type of poker scanning camera is suitable for gambling games with one deck of playing cards, such as Texas Hold’em!

2.A portable camera is a medium to short distance poker scanning camera,with a scanning distance generally not exceeding one meter. This type of poker scanning camera can be carried around, and most of its appearance is S our personal belongings,such as lighters,phones, water bottles, wallets, power banks, car keys, etc.The characteristics of these cameras are that they can be moved freely,have a small volume, and the scanning distance is generally between 25 and75centimeters. When playing poker games, you can place it on the table and aim the camera at the playing cards to complete the scan. This type of poker scanning camera can be used for almost all poker games,but the disadvantage is that the battery life is not too long or needs to be replaced. In addition, these types of pokerscanning cameras mostly transmit signals wirelessly.

3. Fixed long-distance cameras, this type of poker scanning camera has a scanning distance of basically more than one meter,and even up to four or five meters.The appearance of such poker scanning cameras is generally fixed items, such as smoke detectors,monitoring probes,televisions,chandeliers,etc. There are also mid-range cameras, such as ashtrays, speakers, decorative ornaments, etc. Medium distance poker scanningcameras can automatically focus and scan, and when placing or customizing, adjusting the lens angle can complete the scanning. UItra long distance poker scanning cameras are usually manually focused,with remote control to adjust the lens angle and focus. They are often used in private clubs or casinos, which have higher requirements for safety and concealment. Generally,ultra long distance poker scanning cameras are used in conjunction with poker cheating systems, including poker analysis hosts, background monitoring TVs, and so on.Not only barcode marked playing cards can be used, but multiple types of marked playing cards can also be used. For example, the back marked playing cards are used for Texas poker and Omaha, and the manually recognized barcode marked playing cards are used for baccarat and blackjack.

The appearance of a poker scanning camera is ever-changing,and its most important feature is concealment and safety! To achieve different goals, we choose different scanning distances, different lens filters, and different fill lights. To achieve the purpose of cheating in poker by adjusting combinations!
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